People who love to watch European and American fashion street shoots should have found out that nowadays, many fashion-stars have exaggerated accessories on their bodies. They are beautiful in color, stylish, personality and beautiful. Many unique girls’ daily styles are more regular. Why not exaggerate the watch to increase the highlights? Of course, the most prosperous is the leopard in Cartier for gentle ladies.

As the top jewelry brand in France, Cartier cheetah is a 100-year-old who deserves to be the king of all animal jewels. He also deserves to be this brand totem of Cartier. Almost all the jewelers are fascinated by Cartier cheetah.

Different people have different preferences for Cartier. But in the end, it is because this little leopard has really entered people’s hearts, and it has really become a small leopard that people can’t replace.

The creative inspiration of Cartier leopard
As Europe’s overseas colonies continue to expand, explorers bring back a number of treasures from overseas, making them a hot collection. Among them, Egyptian culture and art are particularly obsessed with people.

In this Egyptian hot wave, “Lady Panther” became the favorite theme in European art. Italian girl Marquis Luisa Casati also linked the leopard image in Egyptian culture with fashion, taking leopard as a pet, holding It attends various fashion parties and aristocratic salons.

In 1927, a man named Peter Lemasan, who worked for Cartier, was an outstanding artist and designer. In the same year, he stayed at the Vencena Zoo for a long time, creating the leopard’s expression and movement for Cartier. Jenny Dusan was inspired by Le Machan’s work, and in 1928, the leopard cosmetic case was launched.

Joseph Cartier was also particularly fascinated by leopards, and invited the French painter George Babel to create a poster with the theme of leopard and beauty as Cartier. In the same year, first leopard-printed watch of Cartier was born.

If Jenny Dusan makes the cheetah image, then the second woman makes this brand a classic in the fashion world– the Duchess of Windsor.

In 1948, the Duchess of Windsor customized a brooch from Cartier designed by Jenny Jane Dusan. In the form of a gold cheetah with golden and black spots standing on a 90-carat cabochon emerald. The Duchess of Windsor fell in love with this brooch at first sight.

So the following year, the Duchess of Windsor once again customized a cheetah brooch to Cartier. This is the classic jewelry in the media: a cheetah with a sapphire and a glossy surface with a weight of 152.35 carats.

Since then, Cartier leopard has been rooted in Cartier and quickly sprouted, resulting in a series of cheetah jewels, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, watches…

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