Rice after harvest will always leave a lot of Straw and weeds, so incense
Sagawa and Niigata prefecture, Japan always held arts Festival every year–Straw Art Festival activities. they invited artists and local farmers together to complete a variety of large-scale Straw sculpture, which are shown for people to visit and took a group photo with sculpture, lively Festival also drive the local tourism boom.

“Giant animals” even the joints are very fine!

“Huge Lion” feels overwhelming just by looking at it.

One of the nice things about triceratops being a giant sculpture is that you can build it and enjoy its shade.

All the sculptures are made of wood and then covered with layers of rice straw, so they are very stable. Don’t worry if you stand on it.

Art always comes from life. Common straw, after the master’s later creation, can also show amazing value. Besides being used to make sculptures, there are straw paintings and DIY crafts. Whatever form it takes, it’s very popular with the public. Moreover, even luxury brands have found the charm of straw, according to the characteristics of their products, to create a unique visual feast.

Cartier straw inlaid koala imitated watch
The straw of Cartier is enchased craft to show different for the brand delicate. In fact, the straw itself is very similar, so in the process is also very unique. The selection belongs to Cartier is more difficult–the Straw Mosaic watch. Cartier is higher in miniaturization. In details set, because the pattern is more complicated and tedious that need to change color and details are more, so brand have a higher request for color and texture of straw. In many of the details of the picture, it needs to use very small straw, at this time in order to perfect cohesion, the watch needs to the size and color of the straw to grasp well.

Cartier straw inlaid lion imitated watch
Cartier uses the straw to make another lion them watch, perhaps still have more, and these two are the representative work in recent years. Just as straw painting and wheat straw painting are regarded as intangible cultural heritage, this craft is worth inheriting and being well known by the public. Cartier lion and koala bear straw watch both convey a kind of romantic feelings through a more interesting way and combined with the craft aesthetics of mechanical watchmaking.

DIY Tips: The finished straw painting has many distinct colors. It is understood that this needs to be made when the straw is pressed with a heated electric iron until the color. It is reported that a small straw painting does not count the time before the preparation of materials, which need nearly two hours to complete the production if the large it will take days to weeks.